Texture artist, game artist, and 2d/3d designer from Orange County, California. Raised by wolves in the foothills of Mongolia, I once happened upon a snowy glen wherein was magicked an epic sword. The weapon was infused with an ancient power, and as I gingerly grasped the leather-wrapped hilt, the galaxy suddenly unfolded before my wide eyes until, at the cusp of ruin, when I was all but given to destruction, a single, piercing voice flashed fire into my very soul as it uttered within my heart: "Make art." So I do.

Available for contract and freelance work!


3D Artist - Inverted Axis - (2014-Present)

Art Director - Unannounced Horror Adventure Game
• Pre-production and visual development of style, look, and feel.
• Research trip to St. Augustine, FL to gather information and reference for the project.
• Oversight of external and internal artists and their assets.
Lead Environment Artist - Unannounced Horror Adventure Game
• Production of environment art assets for prototype/art slice.
Lead Environment Artist - Unannounced Football Management Game
• Production of environment art assets for various football-themed environments.

proficient in

maya, 3ds max

adobe products


unreal engine



  • 3d environment art

  • 2d hand-painted textures

  • realistic textures

  • high-res modeling/sculpting

  • 2d illustration and graphic design

shipped titles

  • Disney Infinity

  • Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes

  • Everquest 2: Destiny of Velious


  • BFA in Animation - Brigham Young University.

  • Double major in Russian - Brigham Young University.


  • Conversational and literary knowledge of the Russian language.

  • Lived in Ukraine for 2 years; Moscow for a summer.

  • Tae Kwon Do black belt.

  • Plays inverted Y axis.

  • Fascinated with the 70s for some reason.

Environment Artist, Disney Infinity - Disney Interactive (Avalanche Software) - (2011-2014)

Environment Artist - Disney Infinity, Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes
• Pre-production visual and gameplay design for Toybox mode.
• Design and creation of Disney IP-themed game assets.
• Worked with 20+ Disney and Marvel IPs
• Prep and presentation materials for Disney Corp executives and IP gatekeepers for approvals.

Character Art Intern, Everquest 2 - Sony Online Entertainment - (2010)

Character Art Inter - Everquest 2: Destiny of Velious
• Design and production of player wearables sold in in-game store.
• Design and production of player weapons.
• Design and production of NPCs.

3D Artist - Lime Marketing - (2011)

3D Artist - Eye Decide
• Apple AppStore’s Medical App of the year 2011
• Production of 3D assets for educational app about the human eye and related conditions.


"Worth Dayley is the best of the best. Hopefully we can hire him full-time before you do."

-Chad Liddell, Toybox Team Lead, Disney Infinity

"Worth excels at finding solutions, and you can always count on him to bring something new to the table."

-Reed Hawker, Artist, Disney Infinity

"He works well in a group environment and is always looking for better ways to do things. I value his input and impact. In my opinion, a rock star in the making."

-Joe Olson, Art Director, Disney Infinity's Toybox

"Worth Dayley is professional and intelligent, with a great attitude and a mind for creative problem-solving. He is also fun to have around to participate in humorous conversations."

-Jason Scanlon, Level Designer, Disney Infinity

"Worth one-up’d that charlatan named Sampson. He cut his hair once last year and still maintained all faculties and full, creative powah!"

-Mike Lott, Sr Manager, Art, Disney Infinity

"Worth is a talented artist and hard worker. He is consistent in his delivery of high quality and creative solutions. He designed and built most of the Infinity Toybox toys and numerous other art assets that have become fan favorites. He's never without a good idea."

-Jason Kim, Senior Concept Artist, Disney

"Worth is incredibly talented with a wide aray of mastered disciplines at his disposal. He is also a great pleasure to work with and a good friend. "

-Matthew Armstrong, Concept Artist, Disney